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Faq Chiropractic Care Arcadia

Frequency Asked Questions about Chiropractic Care Answered by Our Chiropractors in Arcadia

What is chiropractic care? "Chiropractic" means "done by hand" and involves the carful manipulation of areas of the spinal joints. These corrections, which are called adjustments, can help restore joint mobility and normal spinal alignment. Our Arcadia, CA chiropractors can use it to provide non-surgical injury treatment, pain management and even preventative wellness care.

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Our Arcadia Chiropractors Frequently Get Questions like:

    • How does a misalignment affect my health? A joint misalignment (or subluxation) in the spinal column can alter the alignment and balance of your whole body. As a result, you may experience muscle strain from unequal weight distribution, back pain or neck pain from spinal joint stress. Misaligned spinal structures pressing against nerve roots can cause cause all kinds of referred pain and other unpleasant symptoms; the nerve dysfunction can also inhibit your body's internal communications, making you prone to a variety of systemic health issues.
    • What are the causes of spinal joint and alignment issues? Spinal misalignment may be the result of chronic poor posture, weak muscle support or poor workplace ergonomics that force unnatural positions. Degenerative disc disease and other age-related spinal changes can also affect spinal alignment. Sometimes a sudden traumatic event such as an auto accident injury, sports injury or workplace injury can jolt the spinal joints and discs out of position.
    • How does chiropractic care help? By repositioning the parts of a subluxated joint, a chiropractic adjustment restores normal motion in that part of the spine. This permits the spine to return to a normal alignment and healthy posture while also relieving unnatural pressures on muscles and nerve tissue.
    • How long are chiropractic sessions? The first few chiropractic sessions may take an hour or longer, while subsequent sessions may take 20 minutes or less. An actual adjustment may take mere seconds, but initial medical intake, discussions, recommendations and evaluations are important parts of the session too.
    • How many adjustments do I need? The number of adjustment sessions depends on the nature and severity of your condition. Even if you experience relief right away, multiple adjustments and other other treatments may be necessary to ensure long-term results.
    • How do chiropractic adjustments and orthopedic treatments work together? The joint immobilization, stabilization and strengthening techniques of orthopedic treatments help bones and connective tissues heal normally, while chiropractic care works to correct muscle and nerve dysfunction.
    • How does massage therapy complement chiropractic care? Massage therapy is an excellent method for relieving muscle tension and spasms. This makes a perfect complement to chiropractic care because it can lessen muscular resistance to your adjustments. Our Arcadia C chiropractors may also prescribe to relieve the pain, inflammation and swelling that accompany a chronic ailment or acute injury.
    • Who can safely receive chiropractic care? Our chiropractic care in Arcadia, CA is safe for all ages, from newborn infants with congenital alignment errors to elderly patients with chronic pain issues. We are always careful to evaluate your health before proceeding with any adjustment.
    • How can chiropractic care keep my family well? Proper musculoskeletal balance and nerve function are critical for everyday health, wellness and comfort. Periodic spinal screenings, with small adjustments performed as needed, can help every part of your body function correctly for life.

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