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Neck Pain

Treating Neck Pain In Arcadia, CA

When you experience pain, it impacts your lifestyle and activities. Neck pain, in particular, causes distress due to the complications associated with the discomfort. Pain in your neck and upper back impact your mobility, flexibility and your enjoyment of normal activities. At S.M.A.R.T. Spine Institute and Surgery Center in Arcadia, CA, we address the pain with natural treatment solutions, improving your health and well-being.

Man with Neck Pain in Arcadia, CA

Causes of Neck Pain

At S.M.A.R.T Spine Institute and Surgery Center, we recognize that multiple factors contribute to neck pain. Depending on the underlying cause of your pain, we may recommend different treatment solutions.

Common factors contributing to neck pain include:

  • Car accidents or other accidents
  • Poor posture
  • Chronic conditions, like arthritis
  • Awkward movements, which may result in pulled or strained muscles
  • Looking down at a phone, tablet or similar device for an extended period

Generally, the pain stems from normal activities or accidents. You may also develop pain from arthritis or related health concerns. Depending on the cause of your pain, we address the situation with appropriate strategies.

Natural Treatments From Our Arcadia Chiropractor

Our Arcadia chiropractors, use several diagnostic tools to identify the underlying complications associated with your pain. We may take x-rays or use other tools to determine when to consider chiropractic adjustments or massage therapy. We also use cold laser therapy, which is also called infrared laser treatments, when the cause of the pain stems from deep tissue concerns.

Graston therapy, or muscle scraping, is a tool we may recommend for your overall well-being and pain relief when you have concerns related to your neck, shoulders and back. We provide treatments after identifying the causes of your pain and then developing a personalized treatment solution for your goals and situation.

We use natural treatments when appropriate for your needs. Since we also offer medical treatments, we ensure that you have appropriate care after evaluating and diagnosing the cause of your pain. In most cases, neck pain heals with chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy and cold laser therapy. In some more severe cases we may use injection therapy or micro surgery. We also may recommend medical treatments for certain injuries, but only when we determine that a natural treatment is not appropriate for your situation.

Seeking Medical Care In Arcadia

When you face problems with your neck and spine, we recommend early treatment solutions. Early treatment allows us to provide the care you need before the symptoms worsen. Many injuries to the neck worsen without treatment, especially if you ignore the symptoms of whiplash or other problems.

At our clinic, we suggest seeking treatment or medical care immediately after an accident, even if you do not notice pain initially. Certain injuries, like whiplash, do not always show symptoms initially. We also recommend treatment when your symptoms persist or the pain does not fade after a few days of discomfort since it may stem from arthritis or other concerns.

Treating neck pain allows you to heal from injuries and start enjoying your normal activities. To learn more about our treatment solutions or to set up an appointment with our chiropractors or medical professionals at our clinic,contact us today.


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