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Subluxation Treatment


Subluxation is a dislocation of a bone within the vertebrae, which can cause nerve irritation, pain and an imbalance in neurological functioning of the body. Subluxation may occur as a result of a fall, injury or other trauma, or from poor posture, improper sleeping position, obesity, lack of rest or lack of exercise.

There are four different phases of subluxation, which are classified by how long the condition has been present and progressively worsen with time. This condition can be corrected through chiropractic care.

Subluxation occurs when any vertebrate is out of alignment in the spine. This misalignment can cause inflammation and tissue swelling, which could put pressure on the nerve tissue leading to problems with the muscles and the organs of the body.

Subluxation Tissue Swelling

Tissue swelling is a common symptom associated with subluxation, or dislocation, of a bone within the vertebrae. This swelling may cause pressure on the nearby nerves, which results in pain, numbness, tenderness and weakness in the affected area. Swelling may affect the joints, ligaments, muscles or tendons.

Treatment for subluxation and associated swelling usually involves chiropractic care to restore the dislocated bone and relieve symptoms. Anti-inflammatory medication, ice and rest can help relieve symptoms of tissue swelling during the treatment process. Our doctors will decide which treatment is best for you after a thorough evaluation of your condition. Subluxation occurs when any vertebrate is out of alignment with the spine. This could put pressure on the nerve tissue, which can lead to problems with functions of the nervous system that directly impact the muscles and organs of the body.

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