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Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis involves a narrowing of one or more areas of the spine as a result of injury or disease to the joints, bones or discs. Patients with this condition often experience pain, cramping and numbness in the legs, back, neck, shoulders or arms, depending on which part of the spine is affected.

Treatment for spinal stenosis often includes physical therapy, anti-inflammatory drugs, rest and a back brace. Treatment may take up to three months before the spine heals properly and full function can be restored. More severe cases may require surgery to relieve pressure on the spinal cord through a laminectomy or fusion procedure.

Spinal stenosis occurs when the open area of the spinal canal shrinks due to degeneration of the spine. This causes the nerves and spinal cord to compress, which can cause significant pain that typically manifests in people over the age of 50.

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