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Hand Surgery

S.M.A.R.T. Spine Institute Conducts Hand Surgery in Arcadia CA

We aren't just a standard chiropractic clinic limited to massages and spinal manipulation. We're proud to be able to treat our patients with a comprehensive level of care in a variety of aspects of health. Because we have licensed medical doctors on our team, we're able to provide a wider range of services to accommodate our patients' needs. We even perform certain surgeries including hand operations.

carpel tunnel

Hand Surgeries We Provide

Carpal tunnel surgery isn't typically the first course of action. Generally, we recommend surgery when the symptoms of the carpal tunnel haven't improved after you've tried nonsurgical treatments. We provide surgery to those who have severe symptoms of carpal tunnel such as a loss of feeling or coordination in the hand or fingers. You might benefit from surgery if you have a decrease in strength in your thumb. We urge our patients who experience sleep disturbances as a result of pain to undergo carpal tunnel surgery. If you have signs of nerve damage, you'll be eligible for the surgery as well.

In most cases, we cut along the transverse carpal tunnel ligament, which will relieve pressure on the median nerve in the wrist. The carpal tunnel surgery is conducted using either the open the carpal tunnel release technique or endoscopic carpal tunnel release surgery. The open carpal tunnel release surgery consists of the doctor making an incision from the palm to the wrist. The doctor then separates the tissue to cut the transverse carpal ligament, which makes space for the median nerve. Allieviating constriction of the nerve releases pressure in order to stop the nerve-related symptoms of carpal tunnel. The other option is endoscopic carpal tunnel release, which heals quicker and leaves less scarring. However, there's more of a chance you'll need a second surgery later on when you undergo this procedure. During this particular procedure, the surgeon makes small, keyhole-sized incisions where the instruments are inserted. The tools cut the transverse carpal ligament. Both surgeries are conducted on an outpatient basis, meaning you get to go home the day of the surgery.

Wrist arthroscopy is another surgery we offer at our Arcadia CA facility. The surgery is conducted on the wrist, which is comprised of eight small bones, some of which connect ligaments. Injuries and repetitive stress on the area can damage the ligaments, nerves and bones in this area. In some cases, it's not known what causes the wrist pain. The arthroscopic procedure may be used to determine the cause of the wrist pain if it's not apparent through a physical examination and imaging alone. During arthroscopy, the surgeon will use a small fiber optic instrument known as an arthroscope. The surgeon will use the tool to look inside the joint through a small incision and without doing much damage to the muscle and tissue. The surgeon will make two or more incisions into the back of the wrist. A tool with a camera on the end of an arthroscope will allow the surgeon to see inside. The procedure is outpatient and only requires a regional anesthetic and possibly a sedative to relax you.

Post Hand Surgery

After surgery, it can take several months to recover, even if you have relief immediately after the surgery. The ligaments tend to grow back together with additional space in between them. The doctor will provide you with aftercare information to help you recover. You will receive guidance on exercises to do post-op that will help you increase your grip strength after the surgery. Expect to modify your work tasks for a few weeks after the surgery. Some people may need to change their duties or job after the surgery.

Common Conditions We Treat

Carpal tunnel is a condition we treat with orthopedic surgery. This condition causes entrapment of the nerve in the middle of the wrist and may cause pain and numbness that can radiate up the forearm. The surgeon uses arthroscopic surgery to diagnose and treat wrist fractures, chronic wrist pain, ligament tears and ganglion cysts. When used as a diagnostic process for chronic wrist pain, the doctor can determine if there's any cartilage damage and where the inflammation is. Our doctor can detect and remove small fragments of bone that remains in the joint after a fracture. A surgeon may use wires, screws and pins to stabilize the wrist. If you have ganglion cysts, the surgeon may remove the cysts and the stalk to prevent the cysts from recurring. The surgeon may also use arthroscopic surgery to repair tears in the connective tissue.

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