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Digital X Ray System

Digital Radiology is a relatively new advancement in medical technology that is making treatment easier and faster for patients and physicians alike.

Digital X-rayshave greatly impacted the efficiency of medical imaging and improved the ability of medical facilities to share information with physicians and specialists. Instead of using radiographic films - which are bulky, expensive and require a patient to physically transport them from the lab to the doctor - digital files can be sent via computer, or stored on a CD for easy transport. No longer are the images stored in one location.

By eliminating costly film, the images are captured and can be viewed by a physician or specialist on a personal computer, or computer system in the facility, only minutes after an examination.

This has dramatically reduced the amount of time it takes for a patient to receive proper treatment and eliminates many time-consuming inconveniences of the past.

Thanks to digital radiology, the patient has the option of hand delivering a CD to a physician outside the imaging facility, or hospital, without a long wait time. The images are easily viewed on any computer without delay, and the appropriate treatment can be administered promptly.


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