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Free Weights

Free weights are an important part of a physical rehabilitation program. They are particularly effective in increasing muscle strength, which is a priority in recovering from injury and regaining full range of movement (ROM).

Rehabilitation of the cervical and or lumbar spine can be significantly aided by the use of free weights under the supervision of a health care specialist. The gradual increase of the musculature in the area can reduce pain and increase flexibility.

An intricate series of muscles in the spine stabilizes the vertebra and protects the discs from damage. By strengthening the core muscle groups, free weight training can relieve stress on the adjacent muscles that might have been overcompensating, and causing misalignment or discomfort as a result.

It is important that a trained specialist design a therapeutic workout to help maximize the benefits of the therapy.

Once a physical therapist has helped you achieve your maximum functional level, it is possible to transition to an independent gym or home exercise program to continue receiving the benefits of weight training.


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