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Resistance Exercises, Thera Bands

Every year, researchers discover more about the human body, and ways to avoid the diminishing effects of age.

Sometimes the best medicine is the most simple – prevention.

Resistance training has recently emerged as one of the best and most effective ways to combat aging and the lose of muscle and bone associated with diminished activity, before it happens. It is a daily recommendation for everyone, regardless of age, sex and weight.

Resistance exercise causes the muscles in the body to contract against an external resistance, which includes your own body weight. Yoga, weight training, exercise straps – any activity that involves resistance to weight qualifies as resistance training. The external resistance could be anything from cans of beans to a weight ball. The action itself is what makes the difference.

The muscles contract against the external force, which causes microscopic tears to the muscles cells, called "catabolism." The damage is quickly repaired by the body – which helps the muscles regenerate and grow stronger. This growth is called "anabolism".

The American Sports Medicine Institute describes the intention of resistance training as to "gradually and progressively overload the musculature system so it gets stronger."

This cycle of damage and repair to the muscle fibers results in improved muscular strength, muscle tone, increased bone mass, increased metabolism and results in improved overall health.

Because human beings lose five pounds of muscle every decade after 30, it is particularly important to continue doing resistanceexerciseas we age.

Not only is resistance exercise help combat obesity and osteoporosis, it helps lower moderately high blood pressure and is a proven anti-depressant.


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