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Spinal Strengthening, Posture

Many adults will suffer from varying degrees of back pain during their lives. For some, the symptoms are mild, but others might experience severe pain, limited range of movement or tingling in the legs and feet.

Research shows that spinal strengthening can reduce these symptoms and is a great alternative to more invasive procedures that are used to eliminate back pain.

An exercise program designed by a trained physiotherapist, or physical therapist, can be tailored to each patient’s unique condition. Depending on the patient’s age, range of movement, and the type of injury, the spinal strengthening treatment is designed to gradually develop the core muscles of the spine and abdomen.

Spinal strengthening has been shown to aid recovery from:

Sports related trauma
Car crash trauma
Disc degeneration

The core muscles that surround and support the spine are targeted in a physical therapy routine that might include using an exercise ball, exercise bike, and weight resistance trainingin a pain-free treatment program.The sessionsprovideconsistent, measured exercisesthat are performed an average of twice a week.

The duration of the program is specific to the type of injury, but results are seen in an average of six weeks.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you relieve your back pain so you can live a fuller, healthier life.


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