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Bunion Repair

The foot is a delicate instrument capable of taking the daily stress of managing the body's entire weight. The front of the foot has the most complex arrangements of bones, and problems, such as bunions, often arise in this area that are painful and uncomfortable.

A bunion is an enlargement of bone or tissue at the base of the big toe, usually on the outside of the foot. But bunions can also be found on the outside of the pinky toe.

Causes of a bunion might include:

Flat feet or low arches
Overly tight, or pointed shoes that force the toes together
Regular wearing of high heels
Genetic predisposition, aggravated by shoes

The treatment for bunions is diverse, and will depend on the severity of the deformity and pain the patient experiences. An untreated bunion will continue to grow larger and become more painful.

Effective treatments for bunions are:

Relieving the pressure on the joint area and the smaller toes.
Padding the bunion
Wearing proper footwear
Ultrasound therapy
Shoe inserts
Anti-inflammatories or cortisone injections

If more conservative treatment does not alleviate the pain caused by a bunion, surgical treatment may be required which can permanently reduce the physical deformity and pain.

By removing the enlargement and realigning the joint, a surgeon can restore normal function and appearance to the foot, which may eliminate the need for special footwear or supportive devices.

There are many types of bunion surgeries and after an evaluation and X-rays, your orthopedic surgeon will determine if surgery is the best solution for you.

The procedure is usually done as outpatient surgery, and generally takes about an hour. Recovery times vary, and you will be asked to wear a special postoperative shoe to protect your foot during the healing process.

Bunion repair can make it possible to live pain-free. Contact us to find out more about treatment possibilities.


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