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Acl Reconstruction

Our Chiropractor in Arcadia Offers Advice about ACL Reconstruction

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) ligament is one of four ligaments providing knee support and stabilization. Beginning at the bottom of your femur and extending to the upper tibia joint, the ACL ligament suffers injuries due to improper running techniques, overextension of knee ligaments, forcefully landing on a foot while twisting the knee or receiving a strong blow to the know.

Baseball player with an ACL injury.

ACL reconstruction is a type of orthopedic surgery athletes and rigorous exercises may consider at some point when ACL pain and weakness becomes chronic and worsens considerably. Instead of reconstructive surgery, your chiropractor near Arcadia suggests learning about the effectiveness of chiropractic care and physical therapy following diagnoses of an ACL injury.

Symptoms of an ACL Injury

At the moment you sprain or tear your ACL ligament, you may hear a popping sound coming from their knee or feel the sensation of something giving away in your knee. Additional ACL injury symptoms include:

  • Sudden onset of burning, intense pain (after you hear the popping sound)
  • Noticeable swelling within several hours (swelling occurs as fluids and blood from the ACL ligament tear flow into the injured area)
  • Inability to bend or straighten your knee completely or place weight on the knee without it weakening and collapsing

If you sprain (not tear) the ACL ligament, your knee will feel unstable but you may be able to support some weight before your knee collapses. Although RICE treatment (rest, ice, compression, elevation) is an initially reasonable treatment, RICE should never replace seeing an orthopedic specialist to professionally evaluate an ACL injury.

Orthopedic Surgery vs Chiropractic Care

Receiving an evaluation and treatment for an ACL tear or rupture as soon as possible is critical to preventing intra-articular damage and further injury to other supportive ligaments. Your chiropractor near Arcadia offers physical therapy; therapeutic ultrasound, cold laser therapy and other techniques that may help you avoid ACL reconstruction surgery. Orthopedic knee braces also facilitate healing of a sprained ligament and support the knee during physical therapy sessions.

For severe ACL injuries, an orthopedist may recommend minimally invasive surgery if the knee frequently collapses, when multiple ligaments are damaged or if you have a tear in the meniscus. Your knees contain cushiony discs called meniscus discs located at the inner and outer edge of each knee. Meniscus discs help stabilize the knee and assists in balancing the weight of your body on the knee. When a meniscus disc is injured, the knee no longer operates as smoothly as it should, resulting in pain, popping, and stiffness.

Before making a decision, contact our chiropractor in Arcadia today to schedule an appointment at S.M.A.R.T. Spine Institute and Surgery Center. We take a chiropractic approach but have Orthopaedic and podiatrist surgeons on staff that performs the surgery at our facility as well if needed. Contact us today at 626-513-0840.


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