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Ankle Sprain

Ankle Sprain Treatment from Our Chiropractor in Arcadia, CA

Are you experiencing ankle pain after a traumatic incident playing sports? You may have a sprained ankle. Fortunately, our chiropractor near Arcadia can help you treat and manage your injury so you can heal faster and return to the activities you love. We also have Orthopaedic and Podiatrist surgeons on staff to better serve our clients.

Woman with an ankle sprain in Arcadia.

What is an Ankle Sprain?

Your foot contains ligaments, strong connective tissues that attach bones to each other. When one or more ligaments are stretched beyond their limits, they tear, resulting in a sprained ankle.

Sprains range in severity from a minor tear to a completely severed ligament that leads to an unstable ankle longer after the initial recovery period is over. Ankle instability may result in long-term problems, such as chronic ankle pain, arthritis, and repeat injuries.

Symptoms Associated with Ankle Sprains

If your ankle hurts after a traumatic injury, you may have a sprain. The symptoms you experience are similar to those of a broken bone, so you may need X-rays to accurately diagnose and treat your injury. If you experience any of these symptoms, visit SMART Spine Institute and Surgery Center in Arcadia to receive prompt medical care:

  • Ankle tenderness and pain
  • Swelling and bruising
  • Ankle instability (common after completely tearing a ligament or dislocating the joint)
  • A popping sound or sensation at the time the injury occurs

Common Causes of Ankle Sprains

Twisting forces to the lower leg or foot can lead to a sprained ankle. The lateral ligaments positioned on the outside of your ankle are the most likely ones to be injured. Your foot can twist suddenly in a surprising number of circumstances. Here are some of the most common activities that cause ankle sprains:

  • Walking, running, exercising, or playing sports on a slanted or potholed surface
  • Tripping or falling
  • Playing sports that require you to change direction quickly, such as basketball, tennis, soccer, and football
  • Someone stepping on your foot while playing sports, causing your foot to twist to one side when you attempt to start running

How Chiropractic Care & Orthopedic Services Can Treat Ankle Sprains

Most sprains are relatively minor and heal quickly with at-home treatments such as rest, elevating your foot, and icing the injured area. However, if your ankle is very swollen and your pain is severe, it’s worthwhile to visit SMART Spine Institute and Surgery Center.

We provide the chiropractic care you need to recover from your ankle sprain quickly. While the goal is to heal your injury with conservative treatments, we also offer orthopedic surgery in Arcadia. In addition to eliminating your pain through chiropractic care and orthopedic services, we can recommend rehabilitative stretches and exercises to strengthen and stabilize your ankle so you can avoid a repeat injury.

Meet with Our Chiropractor in Arcadia for Ankle Sprain Treatment

If your sprained ankle doesn’t heal on its own, visit our chiropractor near Arcadia to begin treatment. We’ll start with conservative approaches and only resort to surgery if the injury involves severely torn ligaments. New patients receive a free consultation, so please don’t hesitate to contact us and schedule your visit today at 626-513-0840.


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